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This is one in a series of articles focusing on the candidates? Positions on matters that Muskogee? s 2015 local elections.

Funding economic development projects and recruitment of new companies are incredibly important. But what about investments in existing companies? What incentivizing entrepreneurs in Muskogee? Why don t we have to invest in developing the skills of our current workforce? Langston asked. We can do both? Investments and recruit from other countries? the same time. We must Muskogee citizens that Muskogee is s main source of income tax , Said Cooper.Payment not less than 75 per cent eligible costs to remove dirt from the public areas and emergency measures, including the to direct federal taxes support will be hit of life lives and protect property and public health. payments of not greater than 75 % of the approved cost on hazard climate projects made to prevent or reducing long term risk of life and property out of natural or technological disasters.

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