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Results further show that Latinos view of home ownership as a strong sense of safety in the United States changed as a result of the housing / foreclosure crisis. Fifty-one % of respondents said that they had? Does up all or most of their savings? for their rent or mortgage to pay, and 47 percent of respondents listed home as part of the American Dream, while 40 percent said it was not.. LOS ANGELES – impreMedia, the leading Hispanic news and information, today announced the results of a recent tracking survey shows Latinos? Prospects of achieving the American Dream and concerns with the housing market. The results are the second of six national polls among Latino registered voters by impreMedia and Latino Decisions conducted.

Latinos has expressed confidence in the current administration with 59 percent identifying President Obama and the Democrats , the question is who more more and improve make the right decisions and improve housing conditions? 59 percent of asked? Who do you say trust more to make the right decisions and improve conditions? 57 percent of respondents identified state and federal government, compared to only 14 percent identified the banks and financial institutions as trusted.

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The Reuters history also reported that the a man stealing without any for a job for four months, a scooter and drove him to a Taipei – the range the police station.