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RBS Securities Inc., a unit of Britain ‘s second-largest bank by market capitalization, was eighth at $ 31.5 billion in outstanding loans October 2008, and UBS Securities LLC, part of the largest bank in Switzerland ‘s borrowed as much as $ 20 .5 billion 26th November 2008, the Fed said.

Lehman Brothers Inc., two loans totaling $ 2000000000 outstanding, second-largest banknvestment bank, the largest bankruptcy in the history the USA 15 September 2008,, the data show. These loans on 8 October were repaid in 2008, the report said. Lehman ‘s Peak borrowings from the ST OMO reach $ 18000000000 25 June 2008, according to the data.

Units Primerica Inc., a division of Citigroup Inc. Sell of life insurance and other financial items increased in their the IPO debut as the financial service companies a further step in their endeavor to raise money and to optimize their business. Primerica shares have to $ 4, or dealt in nearly 30 % to $ 19.44 in on Thursday morning Trading at New York Stock Exchange and as high as 19, the stock is commercial under the ticker symbol PRI .