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On Thursday, the international consulting firm TNS its overall consumer confidence index jumped more than three points to 98.8 in May from 95.4 in April after a very poor showing in the first four months of the year.

So, what do do you think – – you buy a 3D TV?. Despite the better numbers in May, but the index is below, where it stays a year ago, it said.The respondents were asked to answer four questions, including their views on their budgets? current and anticipated financial and short-term employment prospects. They were also asked to assess, whether a good or a bad time to make a major purchase like a house, a car or other big-ticket items.

This survey involved 2,000 telephone interviews between 3rd May and 14 May through out, with a claimed error rate of plus or minus 2.2 %age points.Website European Leaders’ ‘Bumpy Road ‘is considering to solve euro area crisis.

It was a statement, which soon on most widely cited commentary of the whole the weekend. Finally, there is a brief description of how to most observers to see ongoing negotiations in Brussels. The ECB far Criticism to was not well. Is much easier comment, activities has taken, Sarkozy day of the meeting day of the meeting. The questions easy to compl explosion, he said. Next to him stood agreed Angela Merkel.

Direct, on the Summit opening ceremony on Friday, the Troika, comprising the ECB As and the European Commission the euro group Finance shocked to with their newest Greek debt sustainability report. It means that used Greece Tee able to view the able to get the financial markets Previous through 2021 and obtained at least 252 billions into the financing of by that time. In July the EU leaders did in on a new bailout package on Greece valued at 109 billion at, but it was significantly over recent weeks in that Athen needed much more than..