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Crude futures fell more than 1 % on Friday after the sixth session, U.S. Crude oil problems in Greece and Spain raised worries risk of infection in the euro zone.

In three weeks, front – month U.S. Crude is $ 13.45 , or 12.82 %, the biggest three-week loss since the week ending 14 July 2014, burgled as prices have fallen 14.54 %.Alan Hayes , former Comptroller of the of New York , has pled guilty in order of corruption accused that it accepted campaign money and presents from a Californian venture capitalists in exchange for Directed by Pensionsfonds Cash the donor companies.

In December 2006, New York City Comptroller Pleads Guilty order CorruptionBefore serving as state comptroller, Hayes previously served as a state of assemblyman 1,971 to 1993 and as a controller on New York City by 1994 to 2001. Him has appeared as state comptroller after pleading guilty on cheating the government through a state-employed drivers of personal errands.