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$ 200 billion, Venture Capital Industry Harms startups and innovationAmerica has lost 8.5 million jobs since December 2007, and the unemployment rate is a high 9 Some hope that new businesses setting up the difference. But given the state of the venture capital industry, which supports start-ups, these jobs will not be lost again soon.

‘Society, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs would all be better off if VCs finish their work and started doing something else. ‘.. America’s greatest economic strength in the past, its capacity for innovation to market was better than any other nation. If we level strength, we need to to rethink the way we make our capital to promising startups.

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Also was Ford Motor Co by 1.8 % to 12, even once the automaker is propose earnings estimates during the second quarter, Ford remained cautious through meet consumer for the future.

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