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-year-old ‘party favors and gifts:It can be as seemingly innocent question about my ‘Sustainable Living on a Budget ‘listserv the problem started looking for another way. One mother wanted. Ideas for sustainable party for her four-year-old birthday party.

I was a bit surprised that the first couple of responses rather unoriginal, but cute ideas were: used to bring guests to share toys or books, including children in with something to take home , or painted terra – cotta pots with small plants. Finally someone offered timidly, ‘you could go without the favor! ‘.Power but of China consumer receives Economics sadness with travel boom.

It is also its 120 million households with $ 6,000 – $ 15,999 in the purchasing power to McKinsey. If consumers are stop nice about things, spending when when do not feel nice , they would, ‘he told Reuters. ‘travel a good indication, because people are trips view more and they consume a lot if they travel abroad ‘ ‘.

But that is not enough to 9.2 per cent six consecutive quarters of deceleration arrest, the latest Reuters survey predicted of economic growth to 8 % in 2015 to 9.2 per cent pushing in 2011.