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From now on ethanol – based fuels as an alternative to crude oil-based fuels, so it’s about much more than just take messages of research to this to drive at lower prices. In this context, for oil prices: the mere threat of algae-based fuels is not have much effect on the cost of crude oil. After close of trading S & P 500 and Nasdaq futures fell on disappointing results from Apple (AAPL. The quarterly revenue below analysts’ expectations, reported Apple shares fell 4.8 % to $ 572.12 in extended -hours trading..

Nevertheless, therch algae – based biofuels with Synthetic Genomicsannounced that morning, ExxonMobil to with with Synthetic Genomics to research and development of next generation biofuels from photosynthetic algae.

Beat decliners on the NYSE advanced by about 22 to 7 On the Nasdaq, decliners beat advanced about 17 to 7The struggles of the U.S. And euro zone economies intensified in July , surveys showed on Tuesday. Europe’s private sector saw a significant slump set, as the polls, the downturn in the euro zone showed small economies started since then solidified in Germany and France..Sovereign credit risks became a sensitive issue for investor this week to Standard & Poor reductions in its superior loan rating outlook out of Spanish and Fitch be downgraded in Greece credit rating.

The top sovereign credit ratings on the UK and the U.S. Have does not on pain of downgraded the moment , but a worst-case scenario envisages a sectional by 2013, to analysts to Moody ‘s Investors Service on the Friday.

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