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– Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, learned of the situation when a consumer complained about direct mail invitation by Best Interest Rate Mortgage Company , which form a government, seemed to be entitled ‘Loan Modification – Reduction ‘ Reduction ‘and contained details of the work at home loan and consumer information on the stimulus programs. Only the fine print said it was not sent by a state authority.. The roots of a mortgage modification scamDesperation is powerful fodder for fraud and a troubled and problem – plagued federal loan modification program offers additional opportunity for cheating.So it is not surprising that the New Jersey company that reached an agreement this week with the Idaho Office of the Attorney General , after giving homeowners cheat with excessive loan modification places accused was in trouble – and before that as well.

In Idaho, the company agreed $ 710 $ 710 to 12 consumers and to stop the state, but the state, but no wrongdoing. The New Jersey and Pennsylvania cases are pending.

Wasden encourages those the changes for free programs through HUD – approved housing counselor and legitimate banks and brokers are looking for. He was referring to people on a publication about his office ‘s website, Foreclosure Prevention and Foreclosure Scams: How to recognize the difference.The Recession After Views My House ConsumerismCommentary report that the president does his business keeping keep great people, even if it does cut her own salary. His consider yourself lucky to are will find a seat where, not only because he loves his work, however. For atmosphere and common sense Do you love your job in the same way?

$ 100 Billion Down the Drain A recent study Halifax professor Kenneth French, U.S. Investors refuse $ 100,000 trials meet attempts to us . What you say?

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