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The world’s largest automaker run suspended work at the plant Tuesday morning due to the strike in a factory parts maker Denso, a unit of Japan’s Denso Corp. . To the Toyota factory, which produces models like the Camry sedan and Yaris compact cars produced, up to 360,000 cars annually. It is one of the Japanese automaker ‘s largest production sites in China, reported the magazine. – Production at this point is limited, but we hope return to full production as quickly as possible , Denso spokesman Goro Kanematsu told The Associated Press.

Guangqi Honda had already closed the production three times since late May because of a strike. Work stoppages also halted production from late May to early June. At other plants by Honda in China – Current Market NewsUtica Hopes Dimmed on Chesapeake Shale.The Florida investigation to the only one out there. University of Phoenix ‘s parent company, accredited Apollo Group wrote in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission The Federal Department of of Education , the University the administration of federal student financial aid Programme on the 6th In Dec. 2013 to check. The probe is initially see the financial assistance years too 2009-10 to 2013 to the present.

It is the latest round of control of of the nonprofit education industry which has included a federal examination and congressional report, and comes as the U.S. Department of Education is about to Last regulations at to fee Federal Student Aid programs.No – have been filed in the Florida case have civil – not criminals – investigations. Florida be, in relation to reproaches of financial aid misrepresentation of or unfair or deceptive practices in a variety of areas including recruitment, school enrollment, accreditation Placement of and graduation rate looking.

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